Issue 3-1



We celebrate our second anniversary with a huge thank you to all our readers and clients for supporting us. It is in the spirit of commonality that we welcome the art patron featured in this issue of Canvas, Nasser David Khalili with his formidable collection of Islamic art. Expressing the richness of our civilisations is something that is also practiced by Farghali Abdel Hafiz, one of Egypt’s foremost artists. His work, along with that of the Iranian photographer Shadi Ghadirian, is featured in the 1 February auction of Christie’s in Dubai. Also in this issue, we highlight the emergence of Dubai as a pivotal player in the region’s art market as we look forward to the inaugural Gulf Art Fair. Let us make 2007 a memorable year – where records are broken, misconceptions shattered and barriers overcome. Welcome to a world of opportunities. Welcome to another year of Canvas.

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