Issue 15-2

March - April 2019


Andy Warhol was a chronicler of his time, and ours. In an uncanny sense, he even predicted our digital future with his reality-style films and Polaroid visual diaries. What would he be up to now in our Insta-universe of hyper-connectivity? This issue of Canvas explores the web of Warhol, considering his digital afterlife and how relevant he remains today. We also contextualize Warhol’s practice in light of his retrospective at the Whitney Museum and the latest show of his Polaroids at the new Bastian Gallery in London. We meet the artists, writers, curators and museum directors who knew him and ask what they think he’d be doing today and you’ll find answers by Ed Ruscha, Donald Warhol, and Shirin Neshat, among others. We also chat with Bob Colacello, Warhol’s biographer and close friend and with Hans Ulrich Obrist to discuss whether The Factory culture could exist today and whether Warhol would have been into AI. Ahead of Art Dubai and in our reviews of Frieze LA, the Kochi Biennale and various shows on net art in the US, Warhol’s influence is clear in the way that post-internet artists view their work. In many ways, Warhol lives on and we celebrate his continuous presence in this issue.


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